**The managers of San Pedro RV Resort Community invite you to have a wonderful stay. Our Park rules have been put into place with the intention of providing an enjoyable experience for you and your neighbors. Violation of these rules could mean early departure without a refund.

San Pedro Resort Community RV Guidelines and Rules

Where the friendliest people in the west are waiting to greet you!

 1. All RVs must register upon arrival. Check-out time is 11:00 am. Office hours are 9:00 am - 3:00 pm daily. Our hours are from 9:00 am 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. If you plan to depart before 9:00 am, please check out the day before your departure. If you want to stay longer, please come to the office before 10:00 am to extend your stay. No refunds for early departure.

2. Please DO NOT leave trash outside. (We don't want to tempt the Javelinas and Coyotes). Outside trash cans on sites are prohibited. Dumpsters are available for household garbage only. Absolutely NOTHING may be thrown over the perimeter fences or into any of the washes (arroyos).

3. The Resort Speed Limit is 10 MPH. Remember, only you can prevent speed bumps.

4. Vehicles must be parked in your assigned site and not on vacant sites or the street. Space permitting, your vehicles must be parked parallel to your RV. Guests are welcome, but they must park on your site. No more than one RV and two vehicles per site. If that's a problem, please check with the office. Overnight guests must register in the office. There is a $2.00 per night charge for each guest.

5. Tow dollies should be confined to your site and backed under the rear of your rig. Cargo vans, vehicle haulers, ATV's and Motorcycles are allowed, space permitting. We have a limited storage space available; please check with the office.

6. Storage under and around RVs is limited to a few items and must be kept neat; (i.e., hitch components, coolers, folding chairs, ladder). Please keep plants and decorations to a minimum. Antennas, flag poles and wind socks must be attached to your RV, not driven into the ground or attached to the pedestal or water pipe. Window air conditioners and swamp coolers are not permitted.

7. Check with management before securing anything into the ground. If you damage any lines or wires in the process, you may be charged for repairs

8. Quiet hours are 10:00 pm - 8:00 am.

9. Pool hours are 8:00 am - 8:00 pm. All guests must be accompanied by a resident while using pool facilities. Swimsuits and proper protection, if needed, must be worn. Please observe the posted pool rules.

10. Benson city law requires your sewer hose to be securely attached with a donut or screw in type adapter and the hose must be off the ground.

11. Please don't water Resort plants and trees. No irrigation systems, misters, or automatic watering is allowed at sites.

12. Pets are welcome (there are some breed restrictions). We do not allow Doberman, Pit-Bull, Rottweiler, Chow, wolf (breed) hybrid or any aggressive dogs. Please keep pets on a 6' leash. Pets are not allowed in any indoor common area Walk pets in designated pet walk areas and clean up after them, no matter where they do their business. It's the law. Do not leave them outside unattended. No fences, crates or runs are permitted. Also, we do not take kindly to barking dogs. If you don't follow these rules, you will be asked to kennel your pet outside the Resort or leave without a refund.

13. Hanging clothes from trees, drying racks or on your RV is NOT allowed - except for swimming towels and swimsuits.

14. Vehicles must be in running order and currently registered. Washing vehicles or RVs requires a wash permit - $5.00 for a car or truck and $10.00 for an RV. Permits can be purchased in the office. Vehicle maintenance or repairs of any kind are prohibited.  Using a generator is not allowed (except in emergencies). Wheel covers must be of a type specifically designed for RVs. No tarps, wood or cardboard may be used.

15. Use of firearms, lethal weapons, fireworks, slingshots, pellet or BB guns, bow and arrows are not allowed at any time.

16. No open fires, fire rings, chimneys, etc., except for gas or charcoal grills. NO smoking in any of our buildings (including the bathrooms).

17. Skateboards or motorized children's scooters are not allowed to be used in the Resort.

18. The Resort and Resort management are not responsible for loss, damage or claims for damages to property of campers due to fire, theft, wind, rain, hail, accident or any Acts of God.

19. Accidents do happen; HOWEVER, we reserve the right to seek reimbursement for malicious or blatant destruction of any Resort property. There will be a minimum $50.00 repair charge if anyone drives, over or into a Water Riser, Connection, or Electric Pedestal or Concrete Pad.

20. Disregard for any of the above rules will be grounds for terminating a guest's stay WITHOUT REFUND. Management reserves the right to add or to change these rules as circumstances require.


21. Rents are due and payable at time of check in. Electric meters will be read once a month and bills are due upon receipt Meters will also be read for early departure and are payable upon checkout.

22. Wireless internet is provided by Airebeam, LLC, at your own expense.  You may contact them directly at  http://www.airebeam.com  or by calling Phone: 520-233-7400 (Pinal); 480-257-7000 (Maricopa); 928-583-7170 (Yavapai) -24 X 7 X 365; 520-265-8730 (Cochise)  Due to the interference caused by personal wireless routers, it is against our policy to allow the use of this type apparatus during your stay. The downloading of streaming audio or video is not permitted-the excessive bandwidth demand prevents other guests from accessing the internet. Downloading of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited. Any fines or legal costs imposed for violation of this provision shall be the sole responsibility of the violator who agrees to pay all such expenses. Thank you for being courteous of others by protecting our airwaves.



Please pick up an overnight envelope, take either a left or right at the stop sign, choose a site in the pull-thrus, place your money in the envelope and place in the drop box located to left of office door. For problems, please see our host on duty.


Mail and Messages:

Mail can be accepted here during your stay by using the address listed on the front page. It can be picked up at the Clubhouse as each site has its own Mail Slot. Outgoing mail may be dropped off at the front desk. Messages can be picked up at the office. Only Emergency messages will be delivered to your RV.



Local city papers can be purchased at our newsstands located outside of the office.


Time Zone:

We are on Mountain Standard Time year-round. We never change to Daylight Savings Time.

Manager reserves the right to refuse service. Current 09/29/2013


** Subject to change

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